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The company offers a complex services such as:

Real Estate/Property Development and Management

Sales and Supply Of Auto-Cars

Jobs and Employment Consultancy

Marketing/Promotion and Advert Services

General Contract and Merchandise

Import and Export Services

Who we are

RICKY BLUESZ INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES LIMITED is a business organization with the essence of carrying out legitimate business activities and also acting in the capacity of an Agency in providing legitimate and satisfactory business services (ranging from Real Estate and Property Development/Management, Jobs And Employment Consultancy, Sales/Marketing Services, etc.) to individuals and corporate bodies across the globe.
The company was formerly an Agency, offering intermediate services to individuals and corporate bodies.

More About Us


To be a household name and a world-class business organization in regards to its products and services.


The company’s mission is to be a distinguished business organization with high reputation by providing quality and satisfactory business services to its customers/clients.


The company is held in a high esteem for its great reputation of integrity and transparency.

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